Dr. Grandel is a family owned German business therbshat has been around for 50 years and is found in more than 40 different countries. Manufactured under pharmaceutical standards, they bring the best of the plant base ingredients together with the latest in science-based technology.

Glymed Plus is owned by Christine Heathman, Master Esthetician, who was one of the very first Estheticians to work with plastic surgeons and burn survivors. Her hands-on experience provides her with first-hand knowledge of what works. Her Native American roots also give her a belief in the healing properties of plants. She incorporates the extracts and nutrients to help the sking heal and recover from corrective peels. She was the first to combine anti-oxidants with AHAs. Christine Heathman was the first in the industry to study and wrote the first book on treatment for Skin of Color.

Nature Sunshine Products

Source Vital

A Natural Difference

Dr. Schraumek

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