1st X - Exfoliate flashBanners7
Begin with a Pumpkin, Cherry or AHA Chemical Peel such as Glycolic or Lactic Acid. This step works on the surface, but MORE important works BELOW the surface to stimulate new health layers of collagen and elastin. Personally chosen for your skin type and results.

2nd X - Exfoliate
A gentle but safe Microderm resurfaces the skin, removing that old, dry layer that makes the skin look tired and grey, leaving it smooth, polished and glowing, giving immediate results you can see and feel.

3rd X - Extra Moisture
Rehydration is necessary to restore balance and promote healing and a quick recovery to the skin. The assage and mask do that, helping to calm and cool the skin.

Then RELAX! The neck and shoulder massage with HOT Stones and Aromatherapy working heat and essential oils deep into the muscles that carry stress and tension.

1 hour $285

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